As a member of the product development team at Conversion Labs, you will work with a small, high-quality team to design and build multiple new software products from scratch, making key early decisions without any politics or bureaucracy. You will have the opportunity to join promising spin-offs in a founding or advisory role.

We believe in continuous improvement, putting the customer first, individual ownership, high standards, and the importance of hard work and entrepreneurial energy. We believe that products should be built with excellence in engineering from the ground up, with an emphasis on automated testing.

While we are a distributed team, we currently only accept US residents.

Some professional software engineering experience in full-stack application development, including building and maintaining production services, is preferred. You must have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of programming, computer science, security, cloud infrastructure, and front end web development.

We're looking for software generalists with a breadth of experience with programming languages, databases, etc. We currently use React for web front end and TypeScript for backend, so experience with these is preferred but not required.